Franklin's Citrus Farm has been growing every season.
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Take to the skies over the Farm

Take to the skies with these stunning photos from above. They really capture the true essence of an early December blue sky cool-weather day on the farm.


Franklin's Citrus grove bursting with color framed with fall leaves and a blue sky backdrop.


Kisses, Kisses and more Sweet Georgia Kisses.


In the depths of season with 'Betty White' and the harvest trailer.


Row by row, tree by tree, branch by branch and fruit by fruit.


To give some perspective, each one of those hoop houses are 99ft long. Also, the bottom left block is Satsumas. Starting the 4th row down from Betty White (the white truck) you can see a row of Gold Nuggets, then 2 rows of Grapefruit followed by a row of Lemons.


Far left larger trees are the very first Satsumas planted in 2010. As you can see, things have progressed a little.


Citrus and Cotton (Top Right), yes we're in South Georgia.


Approaching what we call 'The Packinghouse Field.'

The packinghouse field consist of mostly Satsumas with some Kisses, Supernas and Georgia Tangelos.


Hope you enjoyed this little flight around the farm. Our growth has been a lot of work, but wouldn't be possible without support from folks like you. THANK YOU from Joe, Bill, the family and entire team here at Franklin's Citrus Farm in Statesboro, Georgia.


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