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Welcoming in 2023

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Winter has officially arrived in Statesboro, and with it brings several different varieties of our premium, tree ripe, Georgia grown citrus. Our long awaited fruit has sweetened up nicely from the recent low temperatures just in time for the new year! We now have available our winter favorites such as Sugarbelles, Tangos, Grapefruits, Shiranuis, Meyer Lemons, and the Winter Blend Box (in case you want to enjoy multiple of our sweet citrus) for a limited time. Below we’ve listed several short descriptions for you to learn more about these premium varieties.

Sugabelles have recently became a favorite here at the farm. They get their name from the rich and complex flavor that is a bold balance of sweet and sour. The dark rich orange flesh is complementary to the candy like sweetness. The sweet flavor and bright aroma also make them ideal for juicing, desserts, salads and many other dishes! A Sugarbelle can also be eaten fresh from either being peeled or sliced to enjoy!

Tangos are often compared to tangerines but with a sweeter taste. They are also easy to peel, similar to our popular variety the Satsuma. The flavor is described as rich with complex flavor.

Our Grapefruits are a special variety called Ruby Reds that get their name from their rose colored flesh. They are around the size of a softball, and they are known as the sweetest type of grape fruit. Due to our cool Fall temperatures, our grapefruit are able to ripen to perfections (No sugar needed). They're Juicy, sweet, yet bold with that strong grapefruit flavor.

Shiranui is a very special variety of citrus that many consider the absolute best. Flavor is sweet and unique, not mimicked by any other. Flesh is very juicy and seems to almost melt in your mouth, making consumption a real pleasure too. Seeds are few to none, and they peel really easily. Also, some aging can even enhance qualities so consider leaving them at room temperature for several days prior to consumption or refrigeration.

Meyer lemons are known to be one of the most diversely used citrus. What’s not to love about them? They are less tarte in comparison to other lemons. They are also very large and juicy with a sour yet sweet flavor. Most people describe them as milder than traditional lemons. This fresh citrus is perfect for drinks, recipes and even fresh eating.

Your Franklin's Winter Blend Citrus Box is a special mix that allows you to enjoy several varieties of our tree ripe premium citrus at one time. Each box contains fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit, Sugarbelle Tangerines and Georgia Tangos. These boxes will have 4 Grapefruit, approximately 3 Ibs of Tangos and 3 lbs of Sugarbelles.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season. Looking forward to kicking off the new year with premium, tree ripe, Georgia grown citrus. All varieties are currently being shipped out on January 2nd and 9th, so be sure to order now and not miss out on this years delicious, Franklin Farms citrus! Thankyou for a great 2022, and we are wishing you the best in the new year.



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