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New Year Means New Varieties Shipping

Updated: Jan 16

Though Satsuma and Kiss season has come to an end, we're excited the Tango Tangerine harvest is about to begin! Plus, don't forget the Ruby Red Grapefruit and Georgia Tangelos that are currently in the prime of season. Following are some descriptions of citrus we have available for mail-order this January:


Franklin's Tango Tangerine Season is almost here! They're really sweet with strong bold flavor, easily peeled, seedless and simply a joy to eat. Crops looking great but don't wait because these won't last long.


Franklin's Ruby Red Grapefruit are ripened to perfection. Sweet (no sugar needed), juicy and simply delicious. Take note they are NOW SHIPPING IN LARGER BOXES with an average count of 18 actual Grapefruit. Though we started harvest in December, January is really their prime of season. Don't miss your opportunity to enjoy these beauties.


Franklin's Georgia Tangelos have really become a huge hit this year. They're Juicy, lower in acid for a citrus and are really sweet with great flavor. We started harvest mid December and quantities are already running low due to popularity. We have reserved a section of trees just for mail-order but will only be available in the Winter Blend Box this year.


And remember, we do not gas, wax or dye our citrus allowing them to ripen naturally on the tree. So don't miss your opportunity to enjoy some of the Best Tree Ripe Citrus Georgia has to offer this January. Visit online store to order. Wishing everyone the best in 2022 and THANK YOU ENJOY!


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