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Franklin's Citrus Farm has been growing every season.
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The Satsuma and Kiss harvest is almost over, but don't you worry because the best is yet to come! We've been working hard behind the scenes, growing more varieties of premium tree ripe citrus. Many of those are just entering their prime. You can find these available at our farm stand in Statesboro (10610 HWY 301S), along with some available for mail-order on our website at ( We're excited to offer you these this year and look forward to increased production in the future. Following is a list of citrus to be on the lookout for that you will not want to miss:


Meet 'Novalee' Mandarin. When it comes to bold, rich, exciting flavor, Novalee will deliver every time! They're sweet, juicy, seedless and just outright delicious.

(Available mail-order and locally at the farm stand while supplies last)


Meet 'Tango' Tangerine. They are very sweet, easy to peel and very similar to our satsumas but bolder and richer.

(Available mail-order and will be at the farm stand soon while supplies last)


Meet 'Sugar Belle' Tangelo. They have a unique flavor that is a well balance of sweet vs tart. They're beautifully colored and deliver an exciting eating experience.

(Available locally at the farm stand while supplies last)


Meet 'Ruby Red' Grapefruit. They are ripened to perfection with no sugar needed. This is because we allow them to naturally ripen on the tree, along with our cool fall temperatures in Georgia.

(Available mail-order and locally while supplies last)


Meet 'Meyer' lemon. Discover a new world of lemons. They're Juicy, sweet yet sour and lower in acid than traditional lemons.

(Available locally at our farm stand while supplies last)


Meet 'Gold Nugget' mandarin. A seedless sweet mandarin named after its bright orange, slightly bumpy rind. Considered by professional taste panels to be one of the best flavored citrus in the world.

(Available by mid January mail-order and at the farm stand while supplies last)


So that's the new winter lineup we're excited to offer you. Also remember, we do not gas or wax our citrus and allow them to naturally ripen on the tree. This is a key factor as to why we are able to grow such premium fruit. The best is yet to come!

From our farm to your table, ENJOY!


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