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Franklin's Citrus Farm has been growing every season.
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Exciting yet challenging growing season, sights now set on harvest.

This year's growing season has been full of excitement and challenges. We are bringing a larger harvest to market, have expanded with more trees including diversification, invested in breakthrough cultivation practices, begun utilizing a drone for better photography of the farm, and hosted very special visitors.

Weather has been the largest challenge, with conditions starting out dry followed by a long harsh summer and drought into early fall. This has resulted in high use of irrigation systems, with something always needing tended to or worked on from high use. Regardless, the successes make the early mornings, long hot days and late nights all worth it.

Now our sites are set on harvest, excited about what we'll have to offer you! The Satsuma and Georgia Kiss crop will be at record production; several younger fields producing for the first time this year. Those two types of citrus will be the bulk of harvest 2019. More selections will be available this year in smaller quantities including: Clementines, Grapefruit, Tangos and Gold Nuggets. Look for these additions at the Farm Stand, Farmers Markets, Corporate Holiday Gift Program and Mail Order.

Harvest 2019 will be the best yet offering you premium quality, fresh eating, tree ripe Georgia Grown Citrus. Harvest times may vary slightly due to only picking when fruit reaches peak ripeness (that depends on weather patterns), but following are some general times:

Satsumas: Early November - Late December

Kisses: Week of Thanksgiving - Christmas

Clementines: December

Tangos: December

Grapefruit: December - January

Gold Nuggets: January - February


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