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Mail-Order 2023 Now Shipping

Wow, is it already harvest season again? This year has just flown by for us as we have been busy with so many new and exciting activities. This has also been the most challenging year since we started growing citrus back in 2010. The challenge began with the Christmas Eve Eve deep freeze, followed by a February heat wave. Do you all remember how odd our weather was in the beginning of the year? All that warmth after such a cold winter influenced our citrus farm, with all it's varieties, to jump into Spring and start blooming earlier than we've ever seen. Then while blossoming, Boom! A hard frost came and wiped the majority of the blossoms out in March resulting in low cropping. No "one variety" has a decent size crop and quantity is very random from one tree to the next; with almost complete crop failure in the Georgia Kisses. Ship dates will be fewer than years prior and projected on shorter notice.

With that said, lets talk about what's to come with what we've got! November 13th, 2023 is our first ship date! Shipping Season will kick off with Satsumas and Bingos. And while this is exciting news, we are super pumped to list Mail-Order Bingo's for the 1st time this year! These delicious little tangerines are actually a cross between a Kishu Mandarin (AKA Sweet Georgia Kiss) and a tangerine. Yes that's right, they are half Georgia Kiss! Size is similar to a Kiss, seedless, easy peel and just as sweet but they have a stronger flavor. Years past, we have only been able to offer these exclusively at our local Franklin's Farmstand. We think highly of them as a new top contender (and we believe you will too). We are now up to 8 acres of Bingos planted! Other varieties to look out for later in the season include Grape Fruit, Shiranui, Tango, and hopefully Gold Nuggets, along with whatever else we see opportunity with having enough to ship and meets the mark of quality you know us for.

So be sure to keep posted as we navigate this untraditional harvest. Later ship dates will be listed soon. Your faithful support and demand for the absolute best is why we do it, and together we'll get through this season. Your patronage means the world to us. From our farm to your table, we are looking forward to this season. Thank You!



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