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Franklin's Citrus Farm has been growing every season.
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The Best Growing Season Yet

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

This has been the best growing season yet! Many of our trees profusely bloomed this past spring, causing them to set heavy, Fruit quality seems like it will be superb, with nice tight skin and medium size fruit (which is what we consider perfect). All of this seems like a dream come true after the snowstorm hit here last January. We really did not know what to expect after such a brutal winter. Extra rains this summer have been a little challenging too but hey, that's farming. Also, our newest young fields seem to be growing some really healthy trees that will be able to go into production in the near future. Every time we expand, its seems slightly more successful than the last. Much of this is due to learning from our mistakes and continual reverse engineering when things go right. Now with what looks to be a record crop, the launch of our new website, and reopening mail order this fall, we are looking forward to the most successful harvest yet!


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