ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING. Orders are processed Sunday through Saturday (this makes Saturday the cut off for orders shipped the following week), then shipped that following Monday and Tuesday via UPS. We ship throughout most of the United states except Alaska & Hawii.


Your Franklin's Georgia Tango box holds 10lbs of our delicious Tangos shipped direct to your door or the person you wish to share these special tangerines with. Tangos are like tangerines yet sweeter. They are easy to peel and similar to our Satsuma but richer with a more complex flavor. We do not wax or gas our citrus, and allow them to ripen naturally on the tree. Upon arrival, will keep good for a week at room temperature and 2-3 weeks refrigerated.


Order today, and experience Georgia grown, premium quality, fresh eating citrus!


Franklin's Georgia Tango Box 10lbs


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