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Franklin's Holiday Blend

Your Franklin's Holiday Blend Citrus Box is a special mix of our Ruby Red Grapefruit, Franklin's Satsumas, and Sweet Georgia Kisses. It will hold approximately 4 Grapefruit, 4Ibs of Satsumas, and 1.5lbs of Sweet Georgia Kisses. This makes them a perfect mail order gift for the holidays, or if you would like to enjoy all three. The grapefruit ripens to perfection due to our cool fall temperatures. The satsumas and kisses are sweet, juicy, easy to peel, and bold in flavor. We do not wax, gas or dye our citrus and allow them to ripen naturally on the tree. 

Franklin's Holiday Blend

Impuesto incluido |
  • ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING AND HANDLING. Orders are processed starting on Sunday up until Satuday at midnight. Orders are shipped every Monday via UPS. This allows us to ensure your shipment of fruits will be harvested as close to your ship date as possible for quality and freshness. This year we are adding an extra day due to increased demand on Wednesday.We ship throughout most of the United States except Alaska & Hawaii. Due to government regulations there will not be any leaf material accompanying the fruit.

  • Upon arrival, will keep good for a week at room temperature and 2-3 weeks refrigerated. Franklin's Citrus Farm does not wax or gas these fruits.

Delivery options are for physical addresses only.
Franklin's Citrus Farm uses UPS for our delivery and they do not deliver to USPS P.O. Boxes.
We appreciate your understanding.

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