October 24, 2018

     Cool temperatures are THE KEY to maturing quality satsumas. It makes their sugars sky rocket and the peels turn orange. Just a month ago, we thought this week would be the start of harvest 2018. The weather had other plans. September ended on a hot note and October started out warm, thus the satsumas are not quite ripe yet. The good news is, they're very close. They are finally getting the cool night temperatures they must have, to mature into the premium quality you've come to love about Franklin's Georgia Citrus. Following is a list of opening dates we're shooting for. Keep in mind, this list is just the first week of harvest! As more ripen, we'll be in multiple other markets and online mail order will open.

Statesboro's Main Street Farmers Market (November 3rd)

Savannah's Forsyth Park Farmers Market (November 3rd)

Georgia Peach Truck in Atlanta and surrounding areas (November 3rd)

Franklin's Citrus Farm Stand in Statesboro (November 5th)


October 15, 2018

     Another close call but most of our damage was to younger citrus trees. We had a few total losses, and a couple hundred severely leaning or with broke branches. Overall blessed compared to many farmers in Southwest Georgia and the Florida Panhandle. 

     Pecan orchards, which took decades and generations to grow just leveled. Thousands of acres of cotton, peanuts, vegetables and more, experienced major crop loss. Georgia's Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black fears over $1 billion in crop damage! 

     So it's all about perspective. The damage stung but thankful it wasn't worse. The team did a wonderful job staking trees straight and cutting damaged limbs. We even took advantage of having to work through the young fields, doing maintenance pruning and plucking stubborn pig weed while there.

Not to mention how beautiful it has been after the storm. Temperatures...

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